His last day
I found him in the closet in very bad pain, I had hoped he would pass away during the night.
My friend looked at me to help him. How I had the strength to get through this day only came from him.
I can't tell you the details of that day, it still will make me cry.
This letter was written that night.

3:00am the sleepless rainy night that I buried you. October 15th, 1997

To my friend and true companion, Harrycat.

I am proud you chose me to be your human caretaker, I hope I did a good job.
I miss you more than anyone who has ever been in my life.
A large part of my heart is gone with you.

How can I sum up these 19 years we have shared, I can’t.
You always knew how to make the worries of life disappear from my soul with just a meow and a soft rolling purr. Everytime the world turned cruel, you stayed with me and soothed the pain. The best part of any day was coming home and seeing you with your accepting amber eyes, you loved me without limits.

We went through four homes together, each one was a home because of you. Your voice was so sweet, it sang in many tones and inflections, I wish I had recorded it at some time (besides in my mind) you really talked. I don’t have many pictures of you either, I thought you would always be here with me. The way we played together with just a string between us was always a special time, we were both so intense on the moves of each other, it was real fun. I buried that string with you along with the fuzzy ball that you loved to bat around in that maniacal way of yours.

I remember when you were run over and broke your hip in two places, I was so scared you were going to leave me then, but we made it through. Then the time you got bit and your paw was infected so bad, we made it through. I’m having a hard time making it through this my friend, your final chapter, but I know time will help me make it. Alone.

I will always have your spot reserved for you, my right arm around you as you curl up next to me in bed. I’m sorry that the end was so drawn out for you. I tried to make the pain go away before it got too bad for you. I hope you forgave me when you purred for me before the drug hit you.

I love you more than I knew.

I have this letter framed with this picture of him at the top of the stairs that he always greeted me at.
While I was cleaning that closet in the spring; I found some of his hair, old nails and a few whiskers.
There is a small plastic box attached to the glass of the frame with these items in it..